1. Gypsy

From the recording Miles To Go

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by Andrea Peterman
Highway W Music (ASCAP)



She’s a gypsy, she can’t settle down
She’s got the road in her veins and a fire in her bones
She’s a wanderer, by the time you get to know her
She’ll be out the door and down the road, she’ll be long gone

She came into this world in small town America
Where the houses withered silently
And the land stretched out just as far as you could see
By the time she could crawl, they’d have to fetch her from the street


At seventeen she left home for good
To see the places she’d read about in books
She crossed miles of prairie, hills and mountains, towns and cities
Hoppin’ freight trains, hitchin’ rides, sailing far across the sea


Every new place she collects like a charm on a bracelet
Every new love she discovers another bright star to chart
She arrives with nothing but the clothes on her back
And she always leaves behind another heart on the mend