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Short Bio

With her clear, powerful, and emotionally nuanced voice, singer-songwriter Andrea Peterman tells stories both personal and observational, set in landscapes of the many places she’s lived. After earning a music degree and enjoying an early career as a stage actor and singer, Andrea merged her classical training with her love of roots music and began writing her own music. Then living in Los Angeles, she performed regularly in the city's Americana scene, leading to the release of her first album, the California-country leaning Miles To Go. Now based in Seattle, she released her soulful second album, Faster Than The Days, in 2015.

Quotes and Reviews

"...has a voice which commands your attention due to her powerful and soulful delivery. Part Janis Joplin, part Merry Clayton, and a little bit Dolly Parton, Peterman’s voice soars ..."  -Innocent Words

“…can really get under your skin and bring tears to your eyes ... Alt-country at its very best!”  -Insurgentcountry.net

"... a terrific writer and a marvelous performer to boot.”  -Thom Head, Live Seattle Music in the Clubs

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