1. One Step

From the recording Faster Than The Days

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by Andrea Peterman
Highway W Music (ASCAP)



Standing on a corner, waitin’ for a savior
One hand in his pocket, the other holds a cigarette
Headlight beams high and low, people go by, no one he knows
Turns around and walks away down the avenue

One step, two step, three step, blue step
Five step, sidestep heaven again

Raised up in the mountains where the ore-stained rivers run
His father died when he was young and his mother died crying
His brother left to fight a war and his sister couldn’t take him on
Turned around and walked away down the mountainside


Mile by mile and town by town
Sun come up, sun go down
Picked up work where it could be found
And he picked up stakes when the work ran out
He loved a girl with hair like sun, but she wanted a wealthy man
Money never stuck to him, so he turned and walked away


Standing on a corner, waiting for a savior
Both hands in his pockets and a mind filled with regret
His legs are tired and his body’s old, it’s finally time to let it go
Turns his head up to the sky, prays heaven’ll let him in.