From the recording Faster Than The Days

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Music and lyrics by Andrea Peterman and Justin S Davis
Highway W Music (ASCAP) / My Veins Don’t End In Me (ASCAP)



How does it feel to be from nowhere
You ask me and I close my eyes
Do I ever feel forgotten
Do I wish I had a place to hide

Well I was born without the ties that bind
Never had a reason to look behind
A string of houses, stacks of cardboard boxes
Always something better down the line

Old habits never die
I’ve got a hundred ways to say goodbye

I show up looking like I’m longing to be found
And I’ll kiss you and throw you to the ground
A string of lovers and empty promises
Do you really want me now


Don’t go thinking you’ll get close enough
Don’t mistake my attention for love
Heart in hands, you ask me for more
I always keep one eye on the door